Summary of feedback points from forum posts

I've been reading the forum posts for about a month now, and I have noticed a few trends on users reporting various issues, so I thought I'd better summarise the main issues that keep popping up in this post (perhaps I can add some cross-link references to all the reports).

  1. Many reports of people typing in the correct answer, but being marked as wrong. I've debugged some cases of this being due to discrepancies/variations in how some words can be typed in multiple ways. There are many other cases where I'm unable to debug the reasoning at this stage.

  2. Some reports find that the usage of various pro-nouns are sometimes:

    • inaccurate (พวกเธอ seems to have been equated to "they", but some are objecting to this)
    • inappropriate (sometimes the male ผม is used for female topics, or เธอ is used for male topics)
    • too informal (some don't like the informal spelling เค้า and would rather it always be spelled เขา)
  3. Some formal words are overly used and in inappropriate contexts. From memory, there was an example something like "ม้ารับประทานอาหาร" (the horse eats food), the usage of รับประทาน seems excessively formal in the context of an animal eating.

  4. For the mobile-app course, there's been feedback of users finding the approach of the tappable buttons containing just single Thai characters (or a few characters clustered together) a bit cumbersome/irritating. Some have mentioned that another layer of frustration with it is due to the small fonts and their eyesight having difficulty distinguishing between similar-looking characters, such as ล/ส or อี/อื. There's a desire for the tappable buttons to contain entire words rather then individual characters.

    • I posted some thoughts in this thread about how I think this situation arose and how it could be resolved (usage of the unicode zero-width space character, to assist duolingo's existing word-seeking algorithms in detecting words within Thai sentences).
  5. For the mobile app version (perhaps more specific to the Android version), multiple users have reported that various tone markers and vowels that are supposed to be found in the above and below positions are occasionally not shown for some questions (and also in some parts of the gui too). From what I've seen, it appears as though they are being rendered but being cropped out due to not residing within the bounding box of the text-area that was allocated for them.

I'm starting to think it's almost time for me to follow up on these points by filling out a duolingo bug-report form for each point. I'll get around to that after I've collated cross-links to various past posts, just so that the person assessing the bug-report has some indication of the frequency with which people have mentioned the bug/issue.

July 16, 2017


No problem. Also, I invite other users to share their feedback for the "English-Thai" course here, so that Duolingo staff get a better measure of what issues users are troubled by, and the magnitude of users that are concerned by these matters.

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