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Duolingo doesn't often ask me to strengthen old Swedish lessons in the tree

I am currently learning both Spanish and Swedish. For both, I am about midway through the tree. What I ahave noticed is, every day Duo usually highlights 4 or 5 lessons that need to be strengthened in Spanish, but in Swedish, it highlights none or 1.

I just wanted to mention this in case the people at Duo didn't know it. I can totally work around this by randomly picking 4 or 5 Swedish lessons to practice each day.

Thank you so much for Duo, it is a very enjoyable way to learn languages.

1 year ago



That's odd, for me it is impossible to keep everything golden. I am half way through the Swedish tree and doing 20 XP a day. I have decided to do one old lesson, and one new lesson. If I feel like it I go through other old lessons to get them back to gold. However, it is not possible anymore to keep everything gold with 20 XP a day. This seems unusual because Duolingo says that 20 XP is Regular and yet it is not enough for gold.

I agree with the Thank You for Duolingo!

1 year ago

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Perhaps it means you're doing so well that you don't need the reviews. My progress is very slow because I don't start a new lesson until the previous ones are gold. And I'm constantly needing to regild the previous ones. The words just don't seem to stick.

1 year ago