"Iau un iaurt."

Translation:I take a yogurt.

July 16, 2017

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The "hard practice" has suddenly changed to be harder than more advanced lessons. I've been doing Romanian lessons for over 440 days and I do not believe I've run into "Iau" before and certainly not at such an early level when I'm just try to keep my memory of them fresh.


when I look this up more, I read the "lau" doesn't come, though "iau" is "I take" a conjugation of "a lua" ... eu iau, tu iei, el/ea ia, voice luati, noi luam, ei/ele iau. is this a typo, or am I looking this up wrong?


If I understood correctly, you mistook the first letter of this sentence for a lowercase "l", but it's actually an uppercase "i".


That is exactly what happened. Thank you.


The sentence sure sounds funny though, easy to memorize!


This seems new to me to... in revision!

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