"The king admires my cousin."

Translation:Dārys ñuhe iāpanne majaqsa.

July 16, 2017

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I think "Dārys ñuhe velmanne majaqsa" should also be accepted.


There are just too many words for cousin. LOL


there either needs to be more accepted "cousins," or there needs to be better clarification as to which type of cousin. pick a cousin, all the cousins?


Agreed. I'm tired of being marked incorrect because Duolingo and I are thinking of different cousins.


I didn't think about the English to High Valyrian side of these sentences when I first wrote them. It's been slow work, but I've been adding the rest of the acceptable "cousin" words to the English to High Valyrian side, including with this sentence. All "cousin" words should now be accepted.

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