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  5. "Zokli hontī ipradis."

"Zokli hontī ipradis."

Translation:The wolves are eating a bird.

July 16, 2017



But... Hontesse kirini issi :(


Sesīr (and now) zokli kirini issi


So far:

  1. Ipradas - He/She/It is eating.
  2. Ipradi - We are eating.
  3. Ipradis - They are eating.


Tolvys bisī hontī ipradis!

(I feel like I'd use "bisys" with "hontes", and not "kesys", since I'd say a bird is animate, but there is an example on the wiki that says "Konys hontes atroksia issa". Not sure which one would be right, so correct me if I'm wrong)


Both are right. It says on the tips & notes on Demonstratives, that it's up to the user whether animals are animate or inanimate.


Why is hontī single or plural? Is this like the English language with the word deer. As in the deer are running across the field. Or. I see that deer.

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