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English talks: Have you ever listened to CNN?

Hi folks! This is "su amigo" from "Los Pollos Hermanos" in this time I wanna talk about CNN.

CNN (Cable News Network), it was the first television to cover news all day, it was founded by Ted Turner on 1980 its headquarters are in Atlanta.

Sometimes I hear this broadcast through youtube. I love to hear its reporters, interviewers and all the staff, they have an american standard accent, so it is easy to understand them, however sometimes the people who is interviewed speaks so fast, or using a lot of slang sometimes it's complicated to understand everything. But well it is a way to practice and to be familiar with normal expressions.

And of course I love CNN when they talk about Trump, they always dispute Trump's decisions, tweets, whatever. His ideas about the wall, his tweets against North Korea or his lack of sensitivity during the assaults in England.

Well, that's all for today guys. Enjoy the weekend and don't forget to comment about this topic!

July 16, 2017

7 comentarios


The majority of American (estadounidenses) don't like Mainstream media. The stuff appearing on the major news channels is not what most of us believe. Media shouldn't be biased towards any political party or candidate.


I would say there is no majority on this issue. Opinions are extremely divided. In fact, the country itself has become more factional than it has been in the last three decades. Fun times.


I agree, but mistrust of MSM is higher than usual.


And yes, Trump is deflating himself, the wall, the agreements between Mexico and Canada, his disaster vs North Korea... well....


I understand your point, thanks for sharing. News must be impartial.


Yes, I have watched and listened to CNN a couple of times, but don't usually follow that or any Network. Currently I am kind of disconnected from the media.
To my understanding CNN is one of the most worldwide known news channel. I don't know if this is true, but it seems like that to me. As The New York Times seems to be the most famous Journal in the US. Don't really know for sure.


I usually try to listen it because it is a way to train my ears :) . And sometimes I learn a new expression. I didnot like the news however it is important to know how the world moves.

As always it is a pleasure to read you friend.

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