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"A party will be when hell freezes over."

Translation:Вечірка буде, коли рак на горі свисне.

July 16, 2017



"There will be a party ..." is a better way to start the sentence than "A party will be...".


Probably more natural to say "There'll be a party when hell freezes over." If I think about it a little bit more, I can probably put to words why "A party will be..." doesn't work in American English.


What does this reaally mean?


The literal meaning in Ukrainian is: There will be a party when the lobster is whistling on the mountain.

The point of this saying is: when the thing that is impossible, or seems to be impossible , happens, then we will have a party.

In English, no one talks about lobsters on a mountain. Instead, people say, when hell freezes over.... , when pigs fly..., and other expressions.

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