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Should I learn two languages at once?

I am wondering if it would be too difficult. Or, if I were to do it, what languages to do it with. Thanks!

July 16, 2017



Actually, I'd disagree with a lot of the other replies. While you can get two similar languages mixed up, they can also support each other by re-inforcing or contrasting grammar structures and words.. And you actually get ANY two languages you're learning at the same time mixed up. What I'd be concerned about is whether you have learned any language besides Dutch. If not, I'd wait until the second checkpoint before starting another language, and then pick whichever one seems the most interesting. There's a certain amount of learning how to learn a language involved.


Maybe you're right. Especially with a person who learn as many languages as you (and high levels).

Not rude or anything, sorry.


Levels are just practice. They don't mean I could actually speak any of them, the only ones I'd feel reasonably comfortable with are Spanish, because I actually use that regularly, Portuguese, and maybe German and French, in a pinch.


So wait until on the Dutch tree Numbers or Conjunctions?


Yes. The more you do it, the easier it gets to switch back and forth. And try laddering - when you get somewhat comfortable with a language, learn a third language through it. You kill two birds with one stone that way.


Ok, thank you so much. I will do that. After the 2nd checkpoint, what languages would you recommend after Dutch or does it really not matter?


It doesn't matter, whichever interests you most. I might stick with Indo-European, (Italian, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, etc.) Irish and Welsh are Indo-European, but a little harder than the Germanic, Scandinavian or Latin languages. Just because those are easier when you're starting out. Learning a language with a whole different grammar, word order, etc. is kind of intimidating if you aren't comfortable learning languages, so I'd avoid Turkish, Hungarian, vietnamese, etc. until a bit later, but if you want to try, go for it.


Ok, thank you so much and have a fantastic day!


Something totally different from Dutch like Japanese, or wait for Hindi or Korean to be available.


from my perspective it was a bad idea to learn 2 at once when you are beginner in both of them. But if you get an A2 (approximately) in a language, you will not have problems to keep learning others. There are a lot of polyglot youtubers who speak about this topic. One of my favorites is "Luca Lampariolli". Although he used to learn one at a time and 2 years for each of them, but maybe 2 years is too much and sometimes the curiosity about other language is stronger.


What niky290903 told you are right.

For example: If you're learning a romance language (French), you shouldn't try other romance languages (Spanish or Italian). Instead, let's learn German, Vietnamese or something like that.


So if I were to do this while learning Dutch, what other languages would you recommend to learn?


Personal view:

  • Spanish and Esperanto are easy to learn: they are pronounce like it's written.

  • German is, too. But it's a Germanic language, seems to be similar with Dutch.

  • Catalan is nearly the same with Spanish, and yeah, pretty easy

  • Hebrew and High Valyrian: Really hard to me, especially Hebrew

  • Vietnamese is hard, too. But you might want to try it. I love this language.


It depends on your personal skills/habits. I have no trouble learning similar languages at once. Others may struggle with that. It all depends on you =)


you can learn two languages at once but it will be dificult but try not to learn languages that are simular beacuse there is much posibilty that you will mix them up


So if I were to do this while learning Dutch, what other languages would you recommend to learn?


Starting posting in Dutch and if you used to do that, move on to another language. Wat dink u daarvan?


I personally, contrary to many others, don't mix up languages. I used to mix up German and French really late at night when I was doing school homework, but now I'm used to so many languages it's not an issue at all, it's only an issue when I go to a language I haven't studied in a while, which isn't often because most of the languages I'm doing compliment each other in some way.

I say go for it if you feel you want to! I wouldn't do so many simply because you won't have time for all of them, but I disagree with the notion that you're gonna mix them up.


No...rather learn three or more languages at once... (that's how I prefer to do it, anway!)

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