"Daenerys zaldrīzoti raqiros issa."

Translation:Daenerys is a friend of the dragons.

July 16, 2017

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Despite the fact that the model answer above is correct, upon entering it, I get:

You have a typo.
Daenerys is the dragons friend.

which removes the necessary possessive apostrophe.


I got the same error with one of the other sentences. Weird.


is zaldriizoti plural? Dovaogēdoti is another noun with the "ti" ending that i don't understand. when i was given "Daenerys blank raqiros issa. " how do i know to choose zaldriizoti?


Yes, it's the genitive plural. As for your second question I don't know. Without being prompted to use the plural or if the lesson is specifically about plurals, there is no way to know. If you are not given any context, both singular and plural should be accepted. Is this something you specifically encountered and did it mark you wrong for using the singular? If so I would report it.


yeah it marked the singular


Trick question offering me "muña" next to "raqiros", but I wasn't fooled. Not today, Duo! Haha


Daenerys zaldrīzoti muusa issa.


Not to get too specific, but I think both the language and the show prefer to use the phrase "Muña Zaldrīzoti" in this title and not mhysa. The wiki page for noun cases (under genitive) shows the usage of the word muña (link: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Noun_Cases). You can also find an example of this being used in season 4 episode 10 by Missandei (link: https://wiki.dothraki.org/Season_4_High_Valyrian_Dialogue).

Mhysa is originally from the language Old Ghiscari and, as such, might be limited in its usage to Slaver's Bay.


Mother. You can't do the letters with a - on them, but a double letter is often accepted.


one of the presented options was zaldrizo (dragon's friend) why is that not a viable answer?


Singular vs plural.

Dragons' friend (plural) so we need the HV to match this.


Same here. Singular zaldrīzo should be accepted as well in my opinion

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