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"He always lives alone and helps the farmers."

Translation:Er wohnt immer alleine und hilft den Bauern.

July 16, 2017



Why "alleine" instead of "allein"? Is it because it's an adverb rather than an adjective?


I wrote "er lebt allein" instead of "er wohnt allein". Is that really a problem?


Have the same question! Can anyone explain this one?


I would also like to know why "lebt" is wrong


Im not a professional but i think leben means to be alive while wohnen means to live (like every aspect of living)


Why it is den Bauern rather than die Bauern


Helfen is a dative verb. Plural dative is "den + (noun) with added n"


And his name is Agriculture Man!!


I read somewhere in one of the earlier lessons that if there are two verbs, the second one should come at the end of the sentence. If that's the case shouldn't hilft be the last word here?


I was also thinking that at first and was looking for an answer in the discussion. Since I do not see an answer I am speculating the the verb comes at the end only in a dependent clause, In this case it comes in an independent clause and the verb comes in its usual second place within the clause. If I am wrong about that, I hope someone who is really and expert can correct me.


is this word order wrong? er immer alleine wohnt und den bauern hilft


The yes order word wrong is


allein should be used in this case as alleine is spoken language


Er lebt immer alleine und hilft dem Bauern. It said i got this wrong BS


Dem would be dative singular. You need to use den for the dative plural, since you're translating 'helps the farmers'. I assume you already know, but perhaps worth mentioning anyway, that 'helfen' is a verb that requires the dative.

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