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Let's get more people to learn Danish!

I think more people should learn Danish! It's a pretty cool language and I think it needs some more learners.

Start Danish today!


July 16, 2017



What's so cool about it?


I finished the Danish tree quite some time ago and really enjoyed it. It was fun, well-constructed, and had a lot of great cultural information as well. Truly one of the best trees I've done.

Danish pronunciation cracks me up some times! (I love how the TTS says "pigen" for example!) I could just listen to the language all day long and be amused.

Danish was the first Scandinavian language I'd studied, and I still haven't found the time or desire to finish another Scandinavian language tree, because they just seem like a corrupted Danish to me now ;-)

After finishing the tree, I decided to watch the Danish TV series "Borgen" (which is actually quite well made and interesting), and I found that I could understand about 1% of everything they said! (Yes, ONE per cent!)


Yeah the others are very similar, and the pronunciation is hilarious :D


Hvorfor? de fleste dankse mennesker lærer engelsk som børn.


"If you speak to a man in a language he understands, you speak to his head. If you speak to him in his language, you speak to his heart."


I'm not against it, I want to learn Danish! I just think I'd be better off starting with the other easier two Scandinavian languages first. Danish is like French when it comes to pronunciation. However, it is really beautiful. If you want to learn Danish first, I say it's not that more difficult than Swedish or N Bokmal. Go for it! Thanks for the post!


Danish pronunciation is to French pronunciation as 'Math for Preschoolers' is to 'An Introduction to Quantum Physics'.

Let's start with the thirty vowel sounds and move on from there, shall we? :)


I simply meant it as a language in which the written language is not exactly similar to the spoken language.

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Frankly, Danish is more like English in that regard.


Okay, this makes me want to look at the differences between Danish and French and written vs. spoken

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Although complicated, French pronunciation can still be inferred from spelling, at least for the most part. This is not the case with English and Danish.


But isn't Danish pronunciation a bit harder than French?


Yes, all people should learn danish! We, the Danish people would be very happy for that.


Y'all have not made it easy to learn this lovely language!

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