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Would these sound exactly the same?

Les filles se parlent. Les fils se parlent.

Would there be any difference in the pronunciation?

July 16, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Fille is pronounced like /fij/ (feey)

    Fils is pronounced like /fis/ (fees)


    Yes, but the next word being se would add an s sound to filles when said together, wouldn't it?

    [deactivated user]

      They are two distinct words so it doesn't matter.

      It doesn't change anything because the two sentences would be different.

      Les filles se parlent. /le.fij.sə.palʁ/

      Les fils se parlent. /le.fis.sə.palʁ/


      lay feee vs. lay feece. an approximation of the sounds. fils has a shorter vowel length and pronounced 'sss' at the end. filles is simply 'fee'.


      Wouldn't the se after filles makes it also sound like feece when the whole sentence is pronounced?


      there is no 's' sound at the end of filles-it is silent. lay fee se parle. vs lay feece se parle. one 's' sound vs. two consecutive 's' sounds.


      You need a 'y' sound at the end of 'filles'. Fee-y(uh).

      Even with a liaison, we would still hear the difference.

      Les filles à papa = lé fiy za papa

      Les fils à papa = lé fiss (z)a papa

      (The liaison with 'fils' is most often ignored, to facilitate the pronunciation.)


      Oh, I didn't realize the "yuh" sound was so pronounced on fille. The male voice on DL overemphasizes all word endings so I never know which are how it should really sound when spoken and which aren't. Thanks!


      The male voice has a slight accent from Southern France. This is why I put the 'uh' part between brackets. It is a regional thing.

      • North: lé fiy' z-a papa
      • South: lé fiyeu z-a papa

      (This time I use the value of the French letters to indicate the pronunciation, because English syllables only give a rough idea.)


      Roughly. But the 's' sound in '..fils se..' would last a little longer, due to there being a pronounced 's' on the end of 'fils' already. However, if spoken very quickly, the sentences would sound the same.

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