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"He does not like eggs, and you do not like dumplings."

Translation:Він не любить яйця, а ти не любиш вареники.

July 16, 2017



Why "пельмені" is wrong? Google-translate doesn't agree with you.


I think because the word "пельмені" was not taught in the course, and the vocabulary that is being tested in this exercise is "вареники".

However, пельмені is totally correct as a translation of "dumplings", so I agree that it should be added (and so I did).


why is "а ти" correct and my answer "і ви" is wrong?


If you used "і" it wasn't accepted because "а" and "і" are not interchangeable even though both translate to "and". Tell me if you need more explanation :)


Can you explain why "a" and "i" are not interchangeable?


і is used to connect 1) separate words 2) sentences that have a similar meaning/statement e.g. Я люблю яйця, і він любить яйця. Мене звати Марія, і її звати Марія.

а is used to connect only sentences (never just words) with a different meaning/statement e.g. Я люблю яйця, а він ні. Мене звати Марія, а її Оксана.

а is like an "and" with a flavour of "but".

[deactivated user]

    If you use «Ви», you should use the corresponding form of the word «любити»: «ти не любиш», but «Ви не любите».

    (See my answer to https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23529817 for more details.)

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