"Pray before being prayed for"

Translation:Sali kabla ya kusaliwa

July 16, 2017



Is this right? Kusaliwa is to be born...

July 16, 2017


Not quite. To be born is kuzaliwa. My understanding is that "to pray" is kusali, and -wa forms the passive "to be prayed for".

I have in my searching found "kusalia" to pray for, but I haven't found enough information on that to be 100%. Prayer isn't exactly my strong suit. ;)

ETA: All verbs (including Arabic origin) end in -a in prepositional form, so kusalia as "to pray for" is right. So kusaliwa is the passive prepositional form of "to pray".

Obviously I found this little extra bit on prepositions in the tips & notes for reciprocal verbs, which is exactly where you'd expect to find it. Not. Fair play to the team for having it at all, though, as I was having difficulties finding this information elsewhere online.

July 16, 2017
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