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lists of 'new words' per topic

Is it possible to extract a list of the 'new words' for each lesson/topic? (Just the words without translation).

After doing 10 levels spanish there is a lot of words to remember and having vocab lists would a) make it much faster to review and spot which words I am unsure of. b) make good learning aids, for example by hanging a list of food-related words in the kitchen and review while cooking, etc.

if not possible at the present, I humbly suggest you make it a future feature.

June 26, 2012


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This topic seems to come up often. What about doing it the old fashioned way: making your own list? Someone on here once suggested Workflowy as a tool, but I'm sure there are other creative ideas out there. Maybe just pen and paper.


Answering other similar question, Luis said that they are working on it, and that there will be a tool for this soon=)

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