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  5. "Mkono upi unauma?"

"Mkono upi unauma?"

Translation:Which arm hurts?

July 16, 2017



Why u prefix here, not i? ??


Because it is M/Mi singular.

Do you have access to the tips & notes? The ones for the Object Infix lesson explain all this (infixes and prefixes are the same, with the exception of me/you/(s)he/etc). I ask because you've queried this sort of thing a number of times.


On mobile there are no tips and notes, gets frustrating at times since it turns into just memorizing


Go on the website, copy them somewhere for easy reference?

Sadly, the tips & notes for this course are important, so it really helps if you can refer to them.


After completing the tree on the app I wish I would have thought to just do it through the browser on my phone. Now I'm doing it over again haha


Asante, I've only used the mobile app. I'm gonna check out the website for the tips and notes.


What about gani though? Could you simply use mkono gani unauma? Without always having to adjust to the noun class? I unterstand it's good to learn this form here but just generally, isn't gani the more common way to express "which"?


Gani is becoming more common for any class.


Why not unaumwa?

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