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How About Latin?

I researched older discussions about the topic, but if I did it right the newest one has discussed in last year. (probably I'm not doing it right but anyway)

I'm wondering if there is anything new about it? I saw too many people saying that they could contribute it, and also saw many people saying that they really want it. so, why is nobody doing anything? Is there some other problems that we don't know?

I can understand it, we know what happened to livemocha (R.I.P.) but, if there is no problem, so please give us some Latin.

Here I found a poll about it; maybe we can continue to voting.


direct link to the poll; http://www.strawpoll.me/4435970

thanks to SilverCharacter, here is the original suggestion of this; https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1689107

July 16, 2017



Here is the original suggestion post for Latin that you can comment on and upvote to (hopefully) get the Duolingo team to notice it. And if you wish to contribute to the course, you can apply here. I'm not sure if there would be anything new to say about the formation of Latin. It's not in the incubator, so Duolingo hasn't decided to make it yet.


Oohh, beat me by a few clock ticks! :D


Muahahaha! I have beaten the great giraffe at long last!


AND you thought to include the incubator and info on how to apply to create a course. I bow my long neck to your awesomeness :)


why is nobody doing anything?

The incubator where volunteers create new languages has a finite capacity and there is a massive backlog of requested languages plus Duo has many other parameters for prioritising the order ther are entered into the said incubator.


Hi there, you're not alone in wanting Latin :)
I think you'll find the following two articles interesting:
How does Duolingo decide which courses to add next?
[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?


Here in Romania, latin is taught in schools. It was one of my favorite subjects, but since my latin teacher also taught romanian which was more important we didn't really get to learn much.

I would love to be able to learn latin here on Duolingo.


There is also my unofficial Latin for Duolingo course, which has been going on for two years and has a few Memrise courses to support it.


Wow, that's pretty nice I think. Thank you!


I have studied latin for four years and would love it to be on Duolingo too. However, it is fairly complex in terms of grammar so I can understand why it might be difficult to implement.


I think it's great to be talking about putting Latin on!


They are too busy wasting time with High Valyrian and other stuff to bother. If you want to really learn it, then buy Teach Yourself Latin or Colloquial or something else, because I doubt you'll find Latin on here any time soon.

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