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Poll for courses wished for by 2018

I'm also going to do a similar poll in Spanish but I figured I'd do this first.

By the year 2018, what do you want to see in the incubator for English speakers?

Link: https://www.poll-maker.com/poll1118634x71034519-46

You may cast multiple votes. You may also click "other" to put in your own answer. This poll will be open for the rest of 2017.

Thank you for voting.

Link to the Spanish version: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23559403

POLL SCORES 7/19/2017 at 7:45PM Top 10

  1. Latin at 84

  2. Finnish at 81

  3. Icelandic at 77

  4. Arabic at 66

  5. Mandarin Chinese at 57

  6. Persian Farsi & Georgian at 38

  7. Estonian at 35

  8. Cantonese Chinese at 34

  9. Basque at 33

  10. Tagalog at 31

  11. 64 "other" votes with the top three being Greenlandic, Tibetan and Albanian (tied at 4 each)

POLL SCORES 7/27/17 at 5:56 PM

  1. Latin at 114

  2. Icelandic at 101

  3. Finnish at 99

  4. Mandarin Chinese at 98

  5. Afrikaans at 83

  6. Arabic at 67

  7. Georgian at 64

  8. Estonian at 57

  9. Basque at 56

  10. Armenian at 53

  11. 294 "Other" votes with Hawaiian being at the top with 147 (about 10% of all votes are for Hawaiian!)

July 16, 2017



It would be challenging for sure, but I would like to see American Sign Language.


I really want Scottish Gaelic to be up on it


I would love Icelandic, Finnish, Latin and Sanskrit on Duolingo!


Icelandic for sure


Latin, Attic Greek (ancient greek), Lithuanian


Croatian, Serbian or Bulgarian.


So Hawaiian is now the most asked for language - Did somebody at Duolingo HQ see this?




Do you think it is appropriate to set a deadline ("by" 2018)? Creating a course requires a lot of resources, work, experts ...

I fear that this poll might give rise to unrealistic expectations.

Just my two (Euro-)cents.


I just took it to mean in the incubator by 2018 because that makes a lot more sense (not that anyone said that it was meant to mean that).


That was actually what I meant in the first place. There's courses that started being developed over a year ago that's still in the incubator. It does take time to make the courses so anything in the incubator even by now might not be out until mid or late 2018 (or even early 2019 depending on a lot of things)


What if they add some of the courses before 2018 even starts? We don't know what's going on backstage and they may have already been working on some courses. It was basically like that with Japanese (although the Japanese release and even design was a guinea pig for a lot of reasons)


I don't understand this comment. The current status is indicated on a weekly basis, isn't it? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23559227

It's just that I find that there is a lot of wishful thinking expressed in many discussions here, that do not seem to take into account the effort that is required to create courses that actually work.


Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Cornish, Breton, Icelandic, and Faroese


Scottish Gaelic would be awesome, my goal is to learn the languages of the higher percentages of my ancestors.


I would be delighted with Croatian, Bengali, farsi (Persian), Inuktitut (kalaallit), Lithuanian, Latvian, and of course Finnish and Mongolian


I would say Basque, Cree, Lakota, Georgian and Armenian.


Yes Armenian!!!


Ek wil graag die Afrikaanse vir Engels praat asseblief


I really want to see scottish gaelic up there. I can help a bit with scottish gaelic. I contributed to it.

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