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400 day streak and German tree complete!

It's been a long journey, but I finally managed to get my German tree complete a few days ago. And now I reached a 400 day streak in Duolingo!

I want to thank Duolingo for getting me into language learning, because before I was very doubtful about taking up a new language. Now I have taken 3 courses in my university on German. The basics taught by Duolingo helped me greatly in my courses and the big vocabulary has also been helpful.

I wish to put my studies into good use as I start my one year exchange to Germany this fall! I wish to become quite fluent in the language during the year and be able to communicate with the natives.

Here are a couple of links that I used along Duolingo, hopefully they will help you too:

A short book of stories that have been made with beginners in mind: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/35794?msg=welcome_stranger#Text4

A German course in Youtube for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9os9Q6t6Xc

Danke schön, Duolingo.

July 16, 2017



Good on you for completing the german course, kudos. I was actually wondering, how competent would you say you have become in german after completing the course? (Keeping in mind that you have used other sites for help as well.) I am just getting started myself and would just like to know what I should expect after completing the full course.


I asked that to people that completed this course for german and other languages and most of them say you get around A2 and B1. In real life, you can't like fully understand a german radio, you might get a word here and there, but, for example, you can read easily a kids book.


Duolingo ist das Beste!

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Cool, thanks for sharing :-)




Hi Jeppe, Congratulations on two huge accomplishments 1) Finishing your German tree and 2) Your 400 day streak! I have heard how long and difficult the German tree is. Especially when you do not have the support of the Activity Stream! When are you going to Germany and how long will you be there?


Yes Steffi :) You are so sweet :)

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations on your hard work! Thank you for posting the resources. I hope you have a wonderful time in Germany : )


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, gut gemacht!!! :-)


    Congratulations! :-)


    If you want I will help you to intensify your German. It is my native language.


    Hallo Evelyne775817, was ist Ihre Empfehlung, wenn man sein gesprochenes Deutsch verbessern will?


    Ich sehe mir Filme in der Landessprache an und versuche mit Leuten deren Muttersprache Deutsch, bzw. in meinem Fall Englisch ist, zu kommunizieren. Suche dir Freunde, die mit dir Deutsch sprechen. Ich war jetzt 14 Tage in Irland und habe nur Englisch gesprochen und kein Wort Deutsch.


    I'm new here...Congrats on your achievement. What does it mean to finish your German tree? Thanks


    I asked the same thing when I began. It means you've finished all the lessons. Think of the lessons as a Christmas tree, with the easy lessons at the top and the difficult ones at the bottom. Have fun.


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)


    Congratulations! Enjoy your exchange year, it will probably be what makes you a fluent speaker, but don't be discouraged if it is hard at first - it will gradually come clear, and then you'll feel great, and the language will be yours for life. On the other hand, so many German people speak good English (and are kind, or just want to practice their English) that you will probably be able to relax in English sometimes.


    Congrats! Thanks so much for the book link - amazing. Have 2 Lingots.


    Ausgezeichnet. :)


    Herzliche Glückwünsche! Schreib das doch noch einmal auf Deutsch! Good luck to you! And have a good time in Germany!


    Congratulations! Now you just have to finish all of www.clozemaster.com and you'll be practically fluent!


    Congratulations Jeppe!!


    Congrats dude. Those are two great achievements you made. Hope you make more awesome advancements in the future. I know you can do it. :D

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