What improvements would you like to see in the High Valyrian course? So far I can only think of a few, but post below and let me know what you think. Of the top of my head here are some improvements I can think of:

  1. Audio - Audio would be a great addition if it's possible because it would let us actually hear how High Valyrian is pronounced =)

  2. Release on mobile devices - Hopefully we'll get this soon, but it'll be great to be able to learn High Valyrian on the go

  3. More reverse sentence translation i.e. from English to High Valyrian because it would be useful to be able to get both sides - translating Valyrian to English, and English to Valyrian. If it's possible to add more I think it'd be a good thing.

  4. More accurate hints on words - Sometimes I haven't been able to tell what would be the best translation based on the hints. I understand the course is only in beta so this will come in time - hopefully =)

  5. Hopefully we'll also get more words and a longer course in the future. So far it's currently the shortest course on Duolingo. It's understandable though as it is a ConLang but it would be good to have more skills and lessons if possible.

What do you think? =)

July 16, 2017


Release on mobile devices - Hopefully we'll get this soon, but it'll be great to be able to learn High Valyrian on the go

For courses first released on web(*), it usually happens within 1-2 months.

(*) which are all of them except, recently, Japanese courses (due to a new type of exercise to teach language's script which have first (and still only) be implemented on the iOS app).

More reverse sentence translation

Not controlled by the volunteers who defined as many "backward" exercises than "forward" exercises.
It's controlled by Duo's algorithm.

I would really focus to be on tips and notes and audio before adding skills. I have slowed down on mastering skills out of fear that new tips and notes will be added behind me and I will not go back and read them.

Also, it seems the last skill with Tips and Notes is the first one after the first check point (Family).

Also, another suggestion I thought up of after restarting the course on this account, is that it'd be good if they could add a way, when looking at the hints of the words, of seeing what case the word is, and if it's singular/plural etc, because it would help make it easier to learn High Valyrian, I think. Sorry for the long sentence haha.

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