"Come va il vostro matrimonio?"

Translation:How is your marriage?

March 25, 2014

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Can a native speaker clear up something for me? "How is your marriage?" for me, (English speaker) means how have the last few years been/are you still happy together/are you still considering divorce... Whereas "How is your wedding?" means that somewhere in the middle of the festivities someone is asking me if the celebrations are as expected. Two very different questions the way I see it. I was wondering if "Come va le vostre nozze?" might be better for "How is your wedding?" (And I know DL hasn't given us le nozze yet)


Agree with this. How does marriage suit you seems more appropriate.


I guess this Duo sentence means, "How's your married life? How's it going?"


Scusate, sposo? So che le cose sono ancora in corso, e il prete sta per sposarvi, ma ho solo una domandina veloce: come va il tuo matrimonio?


Would "How goes your wedding" also be correct?


Yes, but DL currently does not accept it. The variant "How is your wedding going?" might be accepted, but I would not count on it.


"How is your wedding going?" was accepted for me.


But "How goes your wedding?" is not currently accepted (29 Oct 2015).


It's quite an awkward phrase in English. "How is your wedding going" is better IMHO.


Never ask this of someone you know - i just had the opportunity to ask this of my daughter and got my head bitten off. Weddings are generally very stressful for the people in them as they are a tremendous amont of work


I think it is more like a question that a marriage councilor would say "how is your marriage"


Italian for "none of your * business" ????


Not so well thanks to Duolingo... n_n


''come va'' is ''how is''?. Why?. Wouldn't be correct ''How does your marriage go?''


"Come va" is "How goes" so the sentence in its literal translation would be "How goes your marriage?" which is an old and less common English way of saying "How is your marriage?" [Native English speaker]


I answered that as well, but was incorrect.


Native English speaker - It would be correct in my English class!\


Many languages use phrases like "how goes / come va / wie gehts / comment aller ...". But IMO the English " how goes" is too idiomatic to be accepted here. At least in British usage.


I tend to agree with you - it is idiomatic. I think people are reaching for a direct literal translation because the meaning of the phrase we are trying to translate is not clear. Many people still seem confused about whether the question is about the original celebration of marriage, or whether it is asking about the ongoing state of an established marriage. The former is a question with very limited scope of usefulness, and the latter is downright nosy in most cases, and both are awkward questions to form "naturally"


We would usually opt for the present continuous version, "How is...going?" I wouldn't say "How goes..." is incorrect, but it definitely sounds something out of Shakespeare.

In Australia, we actually say "How are you going?" as a greeting similar to "How are you?"


Huh. That's interesting - we don't use that in the US (or at least I have never heard it). We do say "How goes it" as a variant of "how is it going?" So I also think "how goes the marriage?" would be colloquially acceptable (though perhaps a bit intrusive, as someone above suggested!).


'How goes your marriage?' was not accepted today, 12 Nov 14. It should be; it is a better translation and more natural in English. I reported it


You can't use the simple present when talking about an on-going action, for that you would use the present-progressive. Simple present is used for habitual actions that happen periodically (e.g. once a week, month, etc.).

In this case you must say "How is your marriage going?"


Or every day! I get up at 5 every morning to study Italian here!


"How is your marriage?" - this is a rather intrusive question to ask someone. I wouldn't ask. "How is your wedding?" - I take it to mean how is your wedding (going) now - or should be "How WAS your wedding?" - how did it go, all well? tell me about it. etc.

I got it wrong incidentaly too , as i could not undertandwhat Duo wanted, I put how goes your wedding.?...


I reported/suggested this (Mar 2019). "How goes your marriage?" matches well for my learning of Italian at this stage but please correct me if I'm wrong about Italian. A close friend can ask this, in English. It's ok, it's not 'too colloquial' as a translation. Non close friends generally wouldn't ask this, in English, even in very polite form but that's not the point here.


"How is your wedding?" "Good, good. But I'll talk to you later, we have just got to the rings-part"


Such a rude question!


Little forward there duo...


"How goes your wedding/marriage?" Still not accepted June 2021. Pathetic.


"How goes your marriage?" should have been accepted.


"How goes your wedding not accepted July 26,2021


I think that in English this would be more like the expression 'How's married life (suiting/treating you)?', which is quite a common saying in the UK when addressing someone recently married. Not meant to be intrusive, just lighthearted - the newlywed is likely to just give a brief response such as 'great/fine, thanks' and wouldn't be expected to go into intimate detail about the state of their marriage! :o


What does va mean and when is it used?


Why isnt wedding accepted. States matrimony in correction


I say, that's a bit personal!


In English 'how goes your marriage?' is perfectly acceptable, if a little modern speak. Once again, DL is only confusing the issue here by not allowing it.


'How is you marriage going? ' sounds much more natural to me than 'how is your marriage? ' but it wasn't accepted


Anyway how's your sex life


Wow. What a great conversation starter.


Is this question asking about someone's wedding plans or how the marriage is going after they have been married for a while?


if you mean 'how is your marriage' then it is a very impolite question, or do you mean how is your wedding?


None of your business....


I thought "how goes your marriage" was simply rude, so said "how goes your wedding," which is simply stupid. Of course, Duo says I was wrong and insists on being rude. This has gotta be one of their worst prompts. Duo, do better!

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