"Ugali wa sembe"

Translation:Maize flour ugali

July 16, 2017

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Maize flour stiff porridge is a little tedious as far as required answers go


And yet, it's not quite descriptive enough. Unless degerminated is added to the English the phrase could also mean ugali wa dona.


Does ugali have translation to English? Isn't that a typical food without English translation?


I reported that "ugali" should also be accepted as correct. (It is accepted in lots of other questions, and the lesson tips say it is OK.)


I thought so too. I've never used any other word for it, except while explaining it to others. Or actually, I've seen the expression "African corn cake" being used, but I don't consider it very cake-like.


You can call it Fufu for English if u want to


Maize flour thick porridge doesnt make sense.


Well, it makes sense, but it doesn't carry the connotations of the word 'ugali'. Ugali is of course a kind of food, but it is also very important culturally. If you say 'thick porridge' it doesn't tell you anything about the culture.


"Ugali" and "sembe" are the same thing, no one (in kenya) uses it together

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    Would anyone (else) use the words "corn meal" or the single word "cornmeal" instead of corn flour? To me, "corn flour" means "corn starch" -- a thickening agent for gravies, etc. I think trying to use that to make ugali would result in quite a mess. Comments?


    Maybe just "corn ugali"? (The Italian in me wants to say "polenta" :-))


    In Uganda, "ugali wa sembe" is commonly known as "posho" and most people refer to "sembe" as "posho flour", if not " maize flour"


    I think the course is based on the Tanzanian variety. In fact, I was speaking Swahili to a Congolese person I met the other day, and they asked me if I lived in Tanzania! (I am English)


    Ugali isn't an English word


    Neither is 'pizza', but I don't think anyone has a problem with that do they? ;-)


    Corn flower should be the answer based on the earlier translation in the lesson

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