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Any good podcasts for German intermediate learners?

Hi! I'm looking for recommendations for good German podcasts that are suitable for intermediate beginners, I've finished the German tree so I'd love to continue learning, and listening to podcasts is one way to do that. Danke im Voraus!

July 17, 2017



I second Deutsche Welle. They have a bunch of great resources for learning and strengthening German. Your question inspired me to research their audio podcasts (they have a number of video as well). Here is what I found:

German Audio Podcasts from DW (searchable):

Basic (includes English, most available from other languages too):

  • A1 Mission Berlin (story)

  • A1/A2 Radio D (story)

  • A1/A2 Audiotrainer (words/phrases to repeat)

  • A1/A2/B1 Harry - gefangen in der Zeit (story)

  • A1/A2/B1 Deutsch - warum nicht? (story)

Intermediate (German only):

  • B1 Wieso nicht? (everyday life examples)

  • B1 Top-Thema mit Vokabeln (current events)

  • B1/B2 Das sagt man so! (idioms)

  • B2 Marktplatz (business)

  • B2 Wort der Woche (curious words)

Advanced (German only):

  • B2/C1 Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten (current news spoken slowly with text to read along)

  • C1/C2 Alltagsdeutsch (everyday life)

  • C1/C2 Sprachbar (different themes, subtleties in language)

Congrats on finishing your tree, thanks for the inspiration to organize this, and good luck with your continued learning. :)


Thank you so so much! This will without doubt help me improve my skills!


Take a look at Deutsche Welle

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