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  5. "そのいすはひくいです。"


Translation:That chair is low.

July 17, 2017



Why doesn't "short" work in this context?

As a word, "short" is not restricted to a single dimension, it can be height or depth. In terms of tables, calling one "short" would intuitively refer to one of the table's horizontal dimensions; similarly, calling a table "low" intuitively invokes the height of the table.

If you called a chair "short", though, I would damn near never interpret that as saying that the chair is narrow; height is the only dimension that comes to mind.

There are obviously exceptions to everything, but in this case, they would be quite rare.


I have to agree. "Short" is usually used for length and height. "Low" is usually used for measurements in volume and distance from the ground. While a chair can be called "low," it would really be "the seat is low," since we are measuring just the sitting part's distance from the ground, the chair as a whole would be called "short"

A table could be called short for both its length and height, depending on context. When a table is called "low" that it refers to the tabletop is implied. (The same with desks and counters)




What's wrong with "That is a low chair"?


I typed this with a kanji and it wasn't accepted. I'm disappointed.


Please allow 低い


そのいす means that chair, and it can mean those chairs, too, can it not? DL marked "those chairs are low" wrong when I experimented. Any thoughts?


I was about to suggest 'tachi' but a little bit of googling taught me that this implies that you consider the object a 'person'. So my guess is you're correct, but it depends on context.


その椅子は低いです was marked wrong for me ....

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