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  5. "今は五時ではありません。"


Translation:It is not five o'clock now.

July 17, 2017



I have a problem with this sentence. "今 は 五時ではありません。 " we don't usually use "今 は" in front of '五時ではありません', we can say, 今 五時ではありません' = at this moment, it is not five o'cock. or we say, ’まだ、 五時ではありません。’ it is not five o'clock yet.. (example, we are waiting for store to open at 5pm; a girl walks up to the store and tried to open the door, and realized it is still locked, then you would tell her, the store is not open yet, it will open at 5pm, but it is not 5pm yet..) we, don't usually use "今 は 五時ではありません。 ", but use ’まだ、 五時ではありません。’ "今 は 五時ではありません。 "has a bit of pointing someone's ignorance, (like, don't you know?) but, 'まだ' has 'don't we all agree' feeling..

and if someone asks you what time is now,’今何時ですか? then we simply say, '五時です’ we don't usually say "今 は'五時です' I guess, if someone tells the wrong time, then, using '今 は 五時ではありません。' to correct his/her mistake, then using this sentence is fine.

also, it is 5 o'clock = '五時です’ it is NOT 5 o'clock = '五時ではありません’


Everything you are saying is correct, but it all depends on the context. You see... these are just simple structured sentences for us to get the grasp of each part. It's very superficial though... but still, many of the sentences provided as an example are not that useful in real life.


can you use まだ in a sentence im kinda confused where and how it fits in


まだ can be used like 'not yet'. For example if a teacher asks a student 'しゅくだいをしますか?' (have you done your homework?) And student might say 'いいえ、まだです' (no, not yet).


は in this case emphasizes the fact that the statement is negative.


Thanks! It's helpful!


thank you for your explanation :-)


also if 五時ではありません means "it is not 5 o'clock", would 五時でわります mean "it is 5 o'clock"?


So many dislikes for a question.


No, "五時です" means "It's 5 o'clock". If you want to say "it's 5 o'clock now" you'd say: "今は五時です" "五時でわります" doesn't really mean anything, afaik.


Pretty sure that wouldn't be right because that would be like saying "I am 5:00".


She is definitely saying bo, not go


It's not 5 o'clock now.


It's 5 o'clock somewhere...


I was looking for this reference. Cheers.


I typed isn't, it's the same thing...


I know this is 5 months late, but "isn't" means "is not" and not "it is not".


Please report it.


How can I have a typo if I'm choosing from a word bank...?


I had that issue, too, Testu Tetsu (your profile pic lol) I just ended up reporting it with a comment about it


I typed currently, isn't the same as now?


Same here. I typed "It's currently not 5 o'clock" and it's wrong. "Now" could also mean "current" on the right context.


Can someone decompose the end of that sentence, please? I see that it's negative but I can't figure out what's before that.


Yes it would be nice to know why it ends on that way (the negative part of the sentence)


Ima = right now; go-ji = 5 o'clock or 5 pm or 5 in the afternoon.


It's not 5 o'clock, now = correct. Weird grammar and don't know when you would ever say that unless someone asks "Is it 5 o'clock now?"


Is this more like "It's not five o'clock anymore" or "It's not five o'clock yet"?


why are there two は in this sentence?


So "arimasen" is when youre saying when something is not


Are you supposed to pronounce it like ぼじ in this context or is the audio just weird?


”It's not now 5 'clock" is wrong, and im not sure if thats bad grammar, or incorrect


The word order is wrong. It should be "It's not 5 o'clock now.".


It's not exactly wrong, I gave the same answer. It is a bit clumsy though, just one of those answers where it cares about structure.


"just one of those answers where it cares about structure." Doesn't that basically mean that it's wrong? Haha


As for me, it sounds like "Now is not the time which is 5 o'clock"


I wrote "it is presently not 5 o'clock" and I'd argue "presently" is synonymous with "now" so i don't understand why the answer wasn't accepted


The course is trying to teach “now” so you’ll have to submit a report “my answer should be accepted” for them to consider your synonyms.


"Presently" does not mean "now", it means "soon". "At present" means "now".


It would be nice if there were more variation--if there were some of these "It is not ___ now" exercises that weren't just a "1,2,3 hrs : 0 mins o'clock", because, as it is now (solely single o'clock formulation), my brain turns off instead of examining the characters (thus preventing me from familiarizing myself with them).


Would “not yet” be a workable interpretation of negating now in Japanese?

Not now = not yet?


I just missed n bc i was going fast. Sad face


I cannot select some of the Japanese characters on my screen. When I try to select the character to the left I hit the button for the slow voice. I can't give the answer to this phrase because of this. What can I do to resolve this problem? Thank you


It is a listening question but in the correction the correct answer is the translation


I typed "it is not five o'clock right now' and was said it was wrong. Half the time when I only say "it is five now" the prompt says "right now". What makes the difference ? I believe the two should be valid no?


I can see myself running around in Japan telling everybody who asks me for the time "It is not 5 o'clock right now. Thank me later" in my mind's eye.


It's not just で by itself; it's part of ではありません, which is the negative form of です.


I don't remember any previous lessons on time as of doing this plus test


Can someone explain why you use katakana instead of hiragana for ri?


you don't.

The hiragana syllable り (ri). Its equivalent in katakana is リ (ri). the hiragana ri can be handwritten as two unconnected lines but it should still have a curvature


is this word from native japanese? use hiragana.

is this word borrowed from another language? use katakana.


can we use two "ha" in the same sentence?


Reported as "something else is wrong." DL and I were together word for word and it marked me correct, but it highlighted a typo under the words "o" and "clock." I was in word bank mode and used "o" and " 'clock." It was saying I shouldn't have had the apostrophe, for some reason.


Could this sentence also be translated "It's not five o'clock yet"?


But it's five o'clock somewhere. Am I right, folks?


Anyone else getting "you have a typo" while giving the only correct answer available?


Now it's five o'clock is apparently wrong :-|


ではありません (dewa arimasen) is negative. So the full sentence means "It isn't 5 o'clock right now."

"Now it's five o'clock" would be "Ima wa go-ji desu."

I'm pretty sure, anyway.


I don't understand the "では" before ありません, like is it only used when referring to time?


No, not just time. 'dewaarimasen' is the negative form of 'desu'. For example: 'korewa pan desuka' - Is this bread? 'iie, pan dewaarimasen. ' - No, it is not bread. In everyday conversation you can also use 'jaarimasen'. Later (if you haven't already), you will learn that adjectives have their own set of rules. The negative form of 'desu' is then dependent on the type of adjective ('na' adjectives or 'i' adjectives), turning into 'dewa(ja)arimasen' - for 'na' adjectives; and 'kunaidesu' for 'i' adjectives. But all of this in good time. Hope it helps.


It took me a while to understand. I'm still learning, but it is a much longer set of words to say "not" in Japanese. So "it is" = Des(u) and "it is not" = "dewa arimasen". Hope it helps.


I said "Now is not 5 o'clock," but was wrong?


That isn't a grammatically correct sentence in English.


It's awkward, but grammatically fine.


Why is "いまはごじではありません。" flagged as incorrect?


Why the app just wrong every one of my answers as wrong Its just like the app exactly put its hands to our pockets to force us pay for buying gems


Stop using the app. Use the website instead. Don't let them play you like that.


It's not 5 yet, so put down the bottle!


Duolingo : let's separate (o) and ('clock) Also Duolingo : let's mark this answer as a typo


I just wrote "its not exactly 5oclock right now " why its exactly wrong????WATASHI WA ZENZEN WAKARIMASEN


This is soooooo confusing, give me a "up" if you agree

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