"Se recomandă să dormiți măcar opt ore în fiecare noapte."

Translation:It is recommended to sleep at least eight hours every night.

July 17, 2017

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Why does măcar normally mean only, but in this case means "at least"?


It depends on the context. Măcar means "at least" if you say "I needed at least one hour" - Aveam nevoie măcar de o oră but can mean only if you say "if only I had one hour" - Dacă aș fi avut măcar o oră. It is a bit difficult to explain to a non-native speaker, as it is used in certain phrases - about restrictions or in concessive sentences. By the way "Only" should be translated usually as "doar" or "numai".


Usually măcar means "at least" - I hope my previous explanation has been posted.

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