"Valar dohaeris."

Translation:All men must serve.

July 17, 2017



Just incase anyone is wondering, I was informed this is a response to Valar morghulis (all men must die) That's a pretty Bad A way to do the casual "how are you" "I'm good" charade.

July 17, 2017


is plain bada*ery not the reason we are learning this? Well, i am khaleesi, but all you other dragonless bt^^es???

July 17, 2017


I would say "that made me laugh" in High Valyrian, but the closest I know so far is "Kirine vala iksan."

July 18, 2017


Kirine iksan*

May 14, 2018


This person is quite the feminist!

February 2, 2018


which person?

February 3, 2018


The person who said this.

April 30, 2018


Well in the show it is mostly about the women, didn't you notice it is them that survive the longest lmao

November 9, 2018


Remember, that there is only a reference to pronouns in the language, so this could mean men and women.

January 13, 2019


It bothers me a bit that only the full translation is given for the phrase. Would "all men serve" also be acceptable? It doesn't accept that as an answer, but they seem more or less synonymous, and to the best of my knowledge (not much, admittedly) it doesn't look like "must" is explicitly defined in "valar dohaeris".

September 30, 2017


I do not think it is also, but I do think they just follow the translation of the TV Show. Its like a common phrase in an imaginary language.

September 30, 2017


Agree that it should be accepted because that's what is being literally said and we wouldn't add a "must" for other sentences using the aorist.

June 18, 2018


I think it is, but this phrase calls less for a translation than a knowledge of the response to the greeting valar morghūlis.

August 9, 2018


yes! finally

July 2, 2018


If I am understanding correctly Valar is all men and Dohaeris means serve. This is based only on what i know so far

March 19, 2019


Service guarantees citizenship!

May 11, 2019
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