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After Completing The French Tree, I Am Still Struggling With Grammar, What Should I Do?

July 17, 2017



Read real French and listen to the audio at the same time. You will learn more grammar this way and remember the patterns. Be patient. It takes time but it works.


hi !! there are many other apps and websites to help with just grammar. you can google "French grammar help" for a variety of websites, or there are other language apps such as busuu and memrise. Also, buy a few simple books in French or read some articles online, reading real world French will help you get used to reading in the language and you will see grammar flow.


Another suggestion is to add another language and tell duolingo that you are a french speaker trying to learn english. You get more complex and interesting grammar that way. It has helped me to learn more about the rules of grammar doing that.

I also have taken the approach that I won't do a new lesson unless every other lesson in both trees is at full strength just to beat the language into my head more.

I pick a lot up by watching French movies with french subtitles on netflix. I won't catch everything, but I can get the jist and I pick up grammar and comprehension skills at the same time.


Hi! Go through the Tips and Notes again - understand them, try making your own sentences for application, etc. Just recently I did that and I realized how much basic stuff I had forgotten and how I missed all the little things in the beginning of the tree ( I am about to finish mine). Try this - after you review a skill's T&N try making a small paragraph incorporating what you learnt in that skill and previous ones - and you can put it up here, you will get feedback! And also it will come more naturally to you if you start reading articles, books, etc. That's only for grammar. Listening will help too!


you could try going to france, doing a new app, waching tv in french, lisen to music in french, read easy books for children 3-4 years old in french ( they are easier) i recomend going for french lesons and learning songs in french try to write you diary or book in french that helped me alot.


A few thoughts. Prefaced with the comment that I'm taking the "slow" approach to the French tree. (While my "XP" points place me at level 15, I'm 65% thru the tree.)

  • I second the idea of going back thru DL's "Tips and Notes", with the addition of re-writing/re-organizing them into a doc or an epub. Add to it as you find helpful tidbits (SiteSurf et al post a lot of helpful info; I wish it wasn't buried 3 layers deep in user comments).
  • I have two small grammar reference books, both helpful if also imperfect. ISBNs are: 978-0-486-20419-2 and 978-0-7641-4595-7. Between the two of them, I can usually find an answer.
  • For verb tenses, I've been using ISBN 978-0-07-145387-5. I found it very helpful to learn the passé composé because it introduces the tense in layers.



These are the updated French contributor grammar notes: http://www.duome.eu/tips/en/zz

Did you read the old T&N from tree3 on the web portal by clicking on the lightbulb button?

I am curious: What was your solution in the past 2 years? Did you get forward?

Is grammar more sinked in now?

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