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"Не думаю, что в Европе мало кошек."

Translation:I do not think that there are few cats in Europe.

July 17, 2017



Am I alone in thinking this sentence is incorrect in English. Either "I don't think there are many cats", or "I think there are only few cats". I don't want to report, incase I'm wrong, I do that too often.


Yeah, in the lesson notes somewhere it said 'Russian has consistent negation'. So you have sentences like Я никогда ничего не думаю.

Can anyone comment, does this rule also apply to мало and много? e.g. would you say 'I don't think there are not few cats' to mean 'I think there are many cats'?


It does not apply here, for two reasons. First, because мало is not considered a negative; second, because "что в Европе мало кошек" is a subordinate clause. Similarly "Я не думаю, что он ничего не знает." means "I do not think that he knows nothing." not "I do not think that he knows anything."


I believe such a sentence would more likely be constructed something like this: I do not think that Europe only has few cats. Or more likely: I do not think that in Europe there is a shortage of cats. The sentence as is, is rather awkward.


Does the male voice break for anybody else on мало?


i share this point of view


This is not correct English for sure. One would say "I do not think that there are many cats in Europe" to mean "few"


Holy effle, batman! Who would ever say this sentence!? Do Russians really argue about the quantity of cats in Europe?


Some time ago I stumbled upon a discussion on the Internet about a group of supposed animal right activists who apparently transfered stray dogs to Germany, because, as they claimed, they have more chances to find a home in Germany then in Russia. Some people on that forum were very sceptical of the idea because they thought that Germany must've had enough if it's own dogs so they didn't need our strays. Those people speculated that all of that was a ruse to obtain animals for experiments. Change "dogs" for "cats" and you'd see how this sentence would be relevant in that discussion.


Never heard about that. Still I can say we germans have enough cats and dogs of our own :-D


"I don't think that there are not much cats in Europe" was rejected. Should I report it? I thought мало could be translated as either few or not much (at least in this sentence). Am I wrong?


'Cats' are countable so you can't use much

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