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"The centuries and the decades."

Translation:Secolele și deceniile.

July 17, 2017



For the "mark all correct translations" of "the centuries and the decades" the correct answers are both "secolele și deceniile" and "veacurile și deceniile." I don't remember learning veacurile. What's the difference between the two? Google translate says the former is "centuries" and the latter is "ages."


The main meaning of "veac" is precisely "century", but it's more archaic than "secol"; indeed, "veac" can also mean "age" (as in "golden age") but, again, it's more archaic and "epocă"/"eră" are preferred.


Veac is Slavic and secol Latin, so I bet secol came in with the language purification movement of the nineteenth century. Does veac have a somewhat religious or formal feel?


You are right, from the "conventional" perspective. And yes, the word "veac" is used in the Bible and in other religious books.

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