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  5. "Tîm pêl-droed Cymru."

"Tîm pêl-droed Cymru."

Translation:The Welsh football team.

July 17, 2017



I wrote the answer without the "the" but it was marked wrong. Just curious, what would be the Welsh sentence without the article?


Just 'Welsh football team' sounds very odd in English. If you wanted to say 'a Welsh football team', one based in Wales but not repesenting the country, say, that could be either of:

  • tîm pêl-droed Cymreig
  • tîm pêl-droed o Gymru

where Cymreig is the adjective meaning 'Welsh' when it is not related specifically to the language.

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There is a rule when translating from English to Welsh with sentences with a definite article and possession.

Firstly re-write the sentence by inserting an 'of' to show possession.

The football team of Wales.

Then remove the initial definite article and the 'of'

Football team Wales

Translate the remaining words

Tîm pêl-droed Cymru


Surely, it would be better to call it a soccer team


I don't know about Wales in particular, but I doubt many British people would say that.

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