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I am going on a trip for 13 days to France and I don't want it to affect my progress

July 17, 2017



It will help your progress. Bon voyage!


When in France your French will improve but Duolingo will say that you are regressing. When you return and resume using Duolingo, you will forget some of the French that you learned (because Duolingo does not exercise it) but Duolingo will say that you are progressing.


France, a country practically radiating culture! You'll surely learn different aspects of it, including language! Try to indulge whenever feasible, and you will find your Duolingo performance progressing immensely. Also, try meeting your daily goal on Duolingo everyday, a few minutes to provoke your memory. Bonne chance! ☺

P.S. I admire your dedication in wanting to progress and learn!

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