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Vorlesen or lesen ?

How would you translate the sentence "I'm reading the text to myself out loud" into German? Would you use the verb "vorlesen" or "lesen" or could you use either of them?

July 17, 2017



Ich lese mir den Text selber vor, perhaps, if you want to listen to yourself reading it.

If you just want to read it to practise speaking, for example, then Ich lese den Text laut.

vorlesen is not merely "out loud" but implies that you are doing it for the benefit of somebody who is listening, I would say.


Vorlesen: Ich lese mir den Text laut vor. If I would use "ich lese den Text laut für mich" I would feel that something's missing. Anyway, "lesen" is reading, but "vorlesen" is reading out loud


Thanks for your reply. I still have my doubts and would appreciate some further explanations.

If I read this article http://www.labbe.de/zzzebra/index.asp?titelid=1897 then there is the verb "lesen" used, not "vorlesen".

And I found also this similar "question answer" thread in the Internet: https://www.gutefrage.net/frage/laut-lesen-oder-laut-vorlesen

So it sill seems to me that "vorlesen" is only applicable if you read to someone else and I would like to get one more opinion :)


"Ich lese den Text laut" is reading the text aloud. Since you wrote "... to myself..." you are reading it to someone (even if it is to yourself) , in my opinion you have to use "vorlesen". That was where I stumbled and had to choose "vorlesen". Else it seems to be incomplete.

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