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Should one learn a "rare" language even if you might not actually use it for a long time?

I'm learning romanian because I'm very very curious of their literature after reading Cioran and Eliade, and since it's hard to get those books in my native language (spanish), well that's why. But besides from literature, why would anyone learn a "rare" language?

I'm from Mexico btw. I accept suggestions on more romanian authors btw :)

July 17, 2017



People learn languages for all kinds of different reasons. I don't think there's anything wrong with learning one just for the literature.


As much as I would love to travel at some point in the future, I currently have no use for learning any language aside from literature. Being able to read in another language is enough for me to want to learn it, though. After all, I also have no 'use' for playing video games. Having a hobby that you enjoy is important for well-being, whatever it is.

That being said, I can't find books in Romanian either, not even on amazon :(

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There is no "should". If you want to, give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.


Good point, I am starting up here with romanian because I like the language, but I'll probably never use this knowledge, maybe one day I will travel to Romania and Moldavia and it will pay off. I guess we can't be sure of nothing, and this is much better than watch tv or loosing time with something else. I'm from Brazil.


I started to learn (as a Dutch) myself Romanian because our son was practising Italian on DuoLingo. He has suggested that we should also learn a language on DuoLingo. So I decided to learn Romanian because it is the only Roman Language in the eastern part of Europe. Because I have some affinity with French, I decided to try this. I have experienced that Romanian is more difficult than other modern Roman languages because of the inclinations. After almost four months I have gathered a lot of experience with that. And now I am listening and watching Romanian youtube fragments. I can follow them quite easily


I'm learning Romanian because of my MCU crush, Sebastian Stan. I never even heard of Romanian before listening to him speak the language. No one I know knows Romanian and I can't think of anywhere except in Romania to use it.

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