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  5. "Tôi có cần trang bị không?"

"Tôi cần trang bị không?"

Translation:Do I need to equip?

July 17, 2017



Can someone give me an example in which situation I can use such a sentence?

July 17, 2017


For example, you participate some activity where you see other people wearing some special equipment, and you don't feel like wearing that much. You asked if it is necessary to equip that. (Not something likely to happen but it's the most practical thing I can think of.)

July 17, 2017


Sorry my friend , i understand your explanation. but the sentence is still bad. Simply it is not natural english . correct way: do i need to be equipped .. Though it still sounds awkward however that is correct..at least.

March 6, 2019


How would I say "Do I need to be equipped?"?

July 29, 2017


From the explanation above, it sounds like that is what it means, it just doesn't translate literally into English in a way that doesn't sound dreadful.

August 3, 2017


That was the answer I gave, but it didn't accept it, and I agree this sentence just really doesn't translate well

September 8, 2017


this is not a complete sentence (question) in English. It needs to be followed by either a noun or a pronoun. Do I need to equip them? Do I need to equip the team? Do I need to equip Sarah to climb Mt. Everest? Do I need to equip Dr. Trang to perform surgery?

March 16, 2018


Still the same mistake .. Days weeks months and counting .

March 16, 2019


This would be heard in a video game chatroom perhaps.

March 1, 2018


What on earth does this even mean??

September 24, 2019


'Equip' is a transitive verb in English and requires an object. "Do I need to equip", is therefore an incomplete sentence. The complete sentence is, "Do I need to equip myself".

October 8, 2019
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