How can I progress faster?

Hello there!

I've been learning Russian ( on Duolingo only ) for like a year or more, and I am not even 70% through the tree. I do not start a new skill unless the one preceding is gold, and the words in it are nearly unforgettable and practiced a LOT of times. The problem is that I "fear" finishing the skills fast because I think I will be forgetting the words in a couple of months or will not use them in their right places.

So, is that normal? And how can I get over it because it is slightly ashaming to be so long in a single course?

Note: I am speaking here about languages as a whole; it is not only Russian.

July 17, 2017


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Forget about keeping your tree gold and start talking to native speakers. Using a language is both the best way to cement its structures in your brain and the best way to improve.

When it comes to keeping vocabulary in your head, use a flashcard program like Memrise. It's more efficient and more effective than repeating Duo's lessons over and over again. There is such a thing as too much revision, so get out there and start using what you've learned!

July 17, 2017

Yeah, speaking with natives can really help immensely improving; I do not usually do it because I cannot usually find them :'D But, I think I am going to use it more by now. Thanks!

If you can't find a native to speak with, try a language exchange site like Italki.

Well; sounds good :) Thanks!

Actually no one to be saying about progressing faster, but I find using tinycards helpful for keeping stuff in-memory. I use it for French.

Right; I forgot all about them :D Thanks!

People progress at different rates and study in different ways. There is nothing wrong with learning a skill well and repetition does help you remember.

Yeah, sometimes I am proud I am that nerdy :D

You can still keep practising after you've finished the tree. I'd only really properly learned about half of the lessons when I finished the Spanish tree after 6 months, but am getting close to knowing all of them now (after a few more months).

I actually wondered if your approach might be better, but on reflection I decided it probably doesn't make that much difference.

The aim is to learn the language, how you get there is less important.

Sounds risky :D But I think I will try it

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