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  5. "Drink fruit juice"

"Drink fruit juice"

Translation:Kunyweni maji ya matunda

July 17, 2017



is "juisi" an appropriate translation for juice?


It can be but if course it's based on the English word and it's always great to learn the proper swahili way of saying things. It's like learning the months as 'januari', 'febuari', etc rather than 'mwezi wa kwanza' and 'mwezi wa pili'


Water of Fruit...It has a somewhat poetic feel lol.


This is wrong. I've lived in Tanzania never heard anyone say "maji ya matunda" for fruit juice. People use "juisi" instead. "Juisi ya matunda" is how I would translate this.


I feel like this is the wrong translation for fruit juice. It makes sense to translate it as "juice of fruit", not "water of fruit". I did just remember that elsewhere in this course, they say "juice is fruit water".


When I answered it, I said "kunyweni juisi cha matunda". But, it should have been "kunyweni juisi ya matunda".


This translation is incorrect or they need to add other options for answers

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