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Error in Abs. Obj. 1 in French Help from French moderator requested.

I cannot strengthen this subject successfully, as the program via p.c. does not advance when it reaches the sentence something like "for reasons I do not understand she does not want to talk to me." I tried three times and kept having to quit the session. Thank you for your attention here!

July 17, 2017



If the strengthening exercise does not work, you can simply redo a few lessons from the skill. That should be enough to make the skill gold.


Thank you, Marc. I figured that out, in the end.

.What I like about strengthening exercises though, is that they often come at me with an aural (listening) sentence to write out into French, before coming up with the version of the sentence for me to state the meaning of the sentence in English, which is far easier for me. They also throw more variation out at once, usually catching me out on one or another vocabulary word that has not stuck in my head. I really do wish they would have more exercises asking us to compose sentences. Really, I need to buy an exercise book, finally. Thank you for your reply!!

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