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Android update - wrong questions have to be repeated as the next question

Hey folks

I'm experiencing a rather annoying change after my Duolingo app got updated (Android 3.52.2). Until now if I got a question wrong during strengthening I had to try again at the end of the lesson. As of yesterday the question is repeated directly after getting it wrong. At least for my brain, this is far from helpful, because I don't have to think. I simply have to copy the correct answer I was shown seconds before. I was wondering it this is an A/B test or if everyone is experiencing this change. If it's a test, I hope it fails.

(And for all the people who might tell me, that the web is far superior anyway: I know. However I can only learn Japanese on my phone.)

July 17, 2017

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Welcome to app updates with no CHANGELOG/HISTORY file ;)

I also think:

  • it is best either to: place the questions to the end of the queue

  • it is best either to: or to add those questions, you have answered incorrectly, at least with 3+ spacing (even better a random mode) between the other questions.

  • just the next question is always (at least very often) too easy (whereas Cooljingle seems to have favor for that concept especially for very hard words, which you are learning, but he is open to have a Memrise user script working which does all to fit all user needs)

  • repeating the same questions (if answered correct previously) in a session is wasting of time

  • incorrectly answered questions with more difficult words should be mixed into different question (sentence) contexts, not simply repeating the same (clone) question 2-3 times in a single learning session -> We are not only learning words alone but within sentences....so please mix the context!

The second is the concept how Memrise does to do it, according to the script programmer god Cooljingle.

I believe there should be a meassurement how many times you have answered that one question wrong and then deciding when and how often you should be seeing it again.

And then there should be a difference between learn a new session vs review mode.
On Memrise I quite often had the feeling like "I answered those 3-4 very difficult (for me) words/phrases wrong" that I question myself:

  • Where is the damn "SKIP learning this word/phrase/sentence button for this session"
  • Why isn't there a "Do not ask me this question temporarily/permanently again" button (no, not the IGNORE button!!!)?

There is already a thread about how to play around with those concepts (next question, 3+, at the end of the queue) or how we want it implemented on the Memrise http://community.memrise.com forum with the "Auto-Learn" user script made by Cooljingle, which is used to successfully plants new words 6 times (and not to leave a single learning session with fully planted words)

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