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  5. "The knights love a bird."

"The knights love a bird."

Translation:Azantyssy hontī jorrāelzi.

July 17, 2017



Should it not be hontes, for bird singular? Edit: Assuming the i with the line above it signifies multiple other nouns/subjects


"hontes" is the nominative singular form (used for the subject)

"hontī" is the accusative (used for the object, like "bird" is in this case)


But isn't "hontī" the accusative plural? The question calls for the accusative singular which should be "honti"? That's the way the other nouns work, isn't it?


Dear past Me:

Yeah, but that's not how the noun "hontes" works. It is a solar gender noun. The accusative singular is spelled exactly the same as the accusative plural: "hontī"

See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23579551

Sincerely, The New Improved You.


What is the difference between "jorraelzi" and "jorraelza" ?

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