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How to read ”one way” in japanese

The japanese word is 一方通行 but it seems that the pronunciation of the word is totally different from reading the word character by character. Can someone please explain this word to me ? If possible symbol by symbol.

July 17, 2017



First: every Japanese Kanji has two reading conventions, the Onyomi 音読み (driven from the Chinese reading of that Kanji) and Kunyomi 訓読み (Japanese reading), with multiple possible readings under each of these two categories. Second: the sentence 一方通行 is read as(いっぽうつうこう)(ippou tsuu kou), and I'll try to break it down: (1) 一that is read as いち, has also several readings, among which is いつ . When a word ends with つ is followed by a word beginning with a consonant (if my memory serves me well, please check to confirm this rule), it receives the treatment of the small つ, which means it is no longer pronounced, but serves to create a double consonant sound of the letter following it (in this case the first sound in 方). (2) 方 is onyomi-read ほう by itself, but it is common to change the sound of the first letter in a word when it is coupled with another. This is called the sequential voicing (https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/rendaku/). So the reading of ほうbecomes ぽう and so 一方 is read いっぽう or ippou. (3) 通 (combined with る) has the kunyomi reading 通る(とおる), or (in this case) the onyomi reading つう. (4) 行 that has the kunyomi reading いき、ゆき or いく(行く)is read here using the onyomi reading こう.

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