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Learn cooking would be cool

Hey guys,

Don't you think it would be cool if U could learn how to Cook in different languages on Duo. then you could also learn terms like: grams, kilograms, millilitres, litres and all sorts of other food words that you haven't already learnt on Duo.

Kind regards,


p.s i hope no one has already posted a subject similar to that.

p.p.s I will give you a lingot if you have.(before me)

July 17, 2017



You will learn a lot of cooking terms in the units on food and household.

You will learn a few words to discuss money, distance, weight, and volume in the unit on numbers; the rest you can look up on WordReference.com.

I agree it would be pretty cool to get a foreign-language cookbook and cook legit German, French, Italian, etc. dishes!

[deactivated user]

    My ideal version of this would be something like the old immersion tool. Translating recipes and then maybe we can all post pictures, discuss what went right, how silly it is that potato in French means ground apple, and giggle at silly mistakes we made when we mix up our measurements somewhere in the language barrier. I would be thrilled to help be a part of this early on if others are interested. This would be very useful. Food is such a perfect gateway into another culture, like language you can eat! It tells you customs, climates, views on what foods are acceptable, measuring quirks, and a lot more!


    You learn stuff like that in food and household. But it's nice that you thought bout it!


    Yeah, thanks. please respond in your discussion!


    Oh i'll add that i need proof on 'discussion' otherwise you could lie. (hopefully you wouldn't do that)


    true, i forgot about the units on food and household



    Yes, but it would be cool to have like a cookbook in different languages so you could learn to make cuisine from Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, etc.


    well, i think you would learn much


    why did i get lingots?


    what are the lingots for, for the you like???


    has anyone already done this

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