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Word Troubles

Hi, I'm having a lot of problems distinguishing "Die" "Das" and "Der" if anybody could help me out by telling me the difference I would appreciate that very much!

July 17, 2017



German has genders, just like the Romance languages. Die, das, and der are definite articles that correspond to the gender of a noun. Die is feminine. It is the definite article for feminine nouns (Zeitung, Frau, etc.). Das is neuter. It is the definite article for neuter nouns (Mädchen, Obst, etc.). Der is masculine. It is the definite article for masculine nouns (Junge, Käse, etc.).

There is no pattern to this, but this website might help you. Your best bet would be learning the words with their definite articles so you can remember their genders (e.g. learn it das Gebäude and not Gebäude). I hope you have fun learning German!


Open Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) in the "Desktop mode" of your browser

  • many skills have grammar "Tips and notes" under their lessons
  • the three grammatical genders (der, die, das) are explained in the skills "Basics 1" and "The"


I still struggle, so take any advice from here with a generous grain of salt. There seem to be patterns to a certain degree. Nouns end in -el, -er, -en (I made up the word eleren to help me remember) or -ich, -ig, -ling (ichigling!? not so much) or nouns with one syllable ending in a consonant MAY be "der" nouns, or masculine. But not always.


Nouns ending in -e,-ung, -tion, -schaft, -ei, -ie, -heit, -keit MAY be "die" nouns. But not always. Nouns ending in -chen, -lein, -um, -ium MAY be "das" nouns. Or (infinitive) nouns made from verbs, or nouns with a Ge- prefix. But maybe not always.

I hope this is fairly accurate, and fairly helpful - you'll discover other clues as you progress. Practice will make things easier and eventually it will make more sense. Hang in there.

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