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  5. "Is north that way?"

"Is north that way?"


July 17, 2017



Difference between socchi and acchi?


そっち - that way (close to listener あっち - (over) that way ( away from both speaker and listener)


it's annoying that they expect us to use a certain one with no context


I can't quite get my head around how speaker proximity works with direction. Like, if I'm standing due west of you, and you're due east of me, then would west be kochira, east sochira, and north and south would be achira? Or are all cardinal directions achira, since their terminal points are far from everyone?

I suppose if you were talking to Santa Claus, north would be sochira.

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This is just me, but the internal context of the sentence would indicate acchi.

Normally, we use acchi/socchi when defining the spatial relationship between two people and an object. North,however, is not an object. It is a direction vector. The starting point is were we are, but there is no end point. Northness goes on forever. So, to me, acchi makes the most sense.


But あちら and あっち are equivalent right?


I think the shortened versions are a little more casual, so you'd use the direction's "full name" if you're being polite!


So should both あちら and あっち be accepted?


I think so. 北はあちらですか was marked wrong, though. I've reported it (10/28/17).


it is accepted now 04/27/2019


How do you ask this in plain/casual form without です? Neither 北はあっち? or 北はあっちなの? accepted (or without な).


both are correct...

「北はあっち?」"is north that way?".

「北はあっちなの?」"north is that way?"

Something like that. The first one is the most neutral one and the equivalent to this sentence in plain form.


Seems odd (and frustrating) that a question originally posted 3 years ago would still not accept simple valid alternatives like that.


Anybody know if you can switch which is the topic in this sentence? I said あっちは北ですか? It was rejected.


That would change the meaning/emphasis of the sentence. Rather than intending to find north in particular, your sentence ("Is that way north?") would imply that you're intending to just identify which cardinal direction you're currently pointing at.


If anyone listens to Migos.. remember how they say....THAT WAY.. helps me remember for So-chi and for Achi i just think of AYA(spanish) for over there. Hope this kinda helps >_


Was thinkin' about those guys this whole lesson lmao XD

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