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Staying motivated.

I was planing on starting a streak competition, but I decided against it because I'm going on vacation in a few weeks. Anyone have some tips for staying motivated without a streak or XP competition?

July 17, 2017



Change things up. I see you're studying several languages; if you run out of steam in one, switch to a different one for a while. Or do reviews instead of new lessons, or timed practice instead of regular.

Or use a different resource, such as YouTube videos, or a different website. THat's what I do when I get burned out on Duolingo. I mix it up and use different resources. SpanishDict is great for Spanish: http://www.spanishdict.com/learn/courses


what does burned out on duolingo mean


'Burned out' means that you have been working too hard or doing something too much, and now it has worn you down mentally.

Basically, you overdo something until it is no longer enjoyable anymore. You begin to feel drained and tired; you are no longer energized or motivated to keep going.

This is when you should change the way you do the activity, or take a break from it entirely until you are feeling refreshed again.


thank you תובה


Hey there - you might look in the discussion forum under topics such as " Don't give up" and " Staying Motivated" --etc. -- you will find a treasure trove of ideas.


I'll try it, thanks.


i prep talk myself visualisation helps


Okay, thanks. Anyone else?


I agree, doughnuts can fix almost as much as duct tape can. :)


yes i do if anyone has got burned out then please reply it won't be long after till i might give you a red suply starting with L

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