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Any good shows or music in French?

Hi! I've been learning french on duolingo for a while now, and I can recognize and say a few words. But, I'd like to train my ear to recognize words when a REAL person says it, and maybe learn how new words and how to pronounce them. Where can I find good cartoons or shows in french?

July 17, 2017



Do you like musicals? Notre Dame de Paris is AMAZING.



You're welcome! The title of the video says it has sub-titles but it doesn't :(

It's a very popular production, though, so it's easy to find videos of individual songs that DO have sub-titles, or to search for the lyrics on lyric websites. Just search for "Belle paroles" for example. "Paroles" is what to use when you want French lyrics.


ive heard that netflix has international films. by the way...i love your duo pic


I'm fluent in French already, but I listen to TAL, pretty much anything by her is good. A popular one is Dernière Danse by Indila, Stromae is a popular artist, though I don't particularly enjoy his music. As far as TV, I used to watch a comedy titled "Les Parents". It was Québecois, pretty great if you can understand the fast-ish talking.Hope I helped a bit!


Great - when I started off with my first French music, I chanced upon Indila and heard Dernier Danser - that is my first song which I practiced with it! I saw the word by word translation, the video, the lyrics, etc. and try comprehending the words without seeing them.... Music always helps learn a language!


Geronimo Stilton is a kids' cartoon in French. There are some episodes available online, but when you search, make sure you include the term 'Français' because you may end up with the English-dubbed episodes. There's also a Disney FR youtube channel, and various playlists. Search things like 'Disney Français Playlist' Also look at any films you may have on DVD, and see if French is a language option. I listen to Radio FIP online. It has a great mix of music (some excellent, some frankly bizarre) with occasional talking in between tracks. It helps my pronunciation even if I can't follow everything they say.


My favourite is Miraculous Ladybug. It is made for kids and it is a bit repetitive, but other wise pretty good. You can find it with English subs too.

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