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"Vala līris."

Translation:The man is smiling.

1 year ago



it could be " Smiling man" i think...

1 year ago


I don't think so because "līris" can be translated as "He/She/It is smiling" so it's referring to a specific man so it would need an article e.g "A/The". Hope that helps. Have a look here: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Verb_Tables#I-stems


I think this is correct:

  1. I am smiling - Līrin
  2. You are smiling - Līrī
  3. He/She/It is smiling - Līris
  4. We are smiling - Līrī
  5. You all are smiling - Līrīt
  6. They are smiling - Līrisi

Hope this helps. I just copied them from the present row from 1s to 3pl, and just changed the endings. I found the words here if you're interested. https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary.

Just look up "ilīrigon" and click on one of the links. You should find it. Hope this helps!

11 months ago


Wouldn't that be līris vala? Since usually the adjective is in front of the noun.

1 year ago


it is

1 year ago


Since "liris" is the verb, it comes after the subject, I guess? No adjective in this sentence.

11 months ago

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Why are the audios for this language course not functioning?

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