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Why does the comment section now open in another window? (on PC)

It's been a couple months I haven't used Duo and one of the things I noticed is when you want to access the comment section during a lesson it now opens another window on your browser where you can read the discussion about the excercise. Is it me or everyone has it? I find it a bit annoying, it was way easier when it opened on the same window, now you've gotta wait for the window to open and to load before seeing the comments.

Thanks for replying and keep learning haha

July 17, 2017



I love how they have updated it this way!

I mainly review parts of the language trees I've already done using Timed Practice. If I want to learn more about why a sentence is constructed the way it is in the Comments section, now I can wait until after I finish all 20 questions in the Timed Practice - instead of automatically running out of time because I get side-tracked by that particular sentence!

It's like placing a bookmark on the sentence for after I'm done with a particular exercise, instead of interrupting me in the middle of the exercise and not being able to finish it.


Good question.

Answer: Because those of us who use timed practice needed it and asked for it. And now we are so happy to have it. Sorry that the solution to our problem comes at your expense and annoyance! I can grant you lingots as compensation. Sorry that they are useless and you probably already have more than you could want or use.


If you have some spare lingots, feel free to give me some!


What would you do with them? Asking out of curiosity.


It's to avoid getting in the way when you do timed practice.

If you're having to wait a noticeable amount of time for a single tab to open, I think it's time you gave your PC a good clean. :)


It's always been like that for me...


This has already been brought up in another thread lately - and I answered in more detail (please don't ask me how to find this thread).

They (DuoLingo) had to change it in this way, because internal discussion links (user profile, external URLs to other websites) in the sentence discussion were always terminating the current strengthen/learning session.

And there was no option to resume it to the point where you have been, instead of restarting from zero.

This is the shorter story.....I have no plans to repeat my written longer story like saving the session and resuming it later (I guess that this would have been even more complex in the programming code) :(

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