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problems I want fixed

Has anyone else had this problem? So I was doing my french and I realized that the skill "Objects" needed to be strengthened. So I clicked on the "Strengthen" button to strengthen it. And once I was done, the strength bars didn't go up. So then I tried again, and once again it didn't work. And it didn't strengthen for five more days!

July 17, 2017



When a skill gets "stuck" like that, re-do each lesson within the skill. It will turn gold again.


'Objects' contains 7 lessons. If it has decayed a lot, one strengthening session may not be enough to make it turn gold. Strengthening does not mean goldening. ;) Also, it is possible to complete a strengthening session without strengthening any word of the lesson! For instance, if you use the prompts/hints (when you aim at a word to see the translation) or if you do not type any accent (they are mandatory; any wrong or missing accent is a mistake).

The best thing you can do, if you have enough patience for that, is to redo all the lessons of that skill. The skill will probably turn gold before you are done with all, but it will stay gold for a much longer time if you redo them all.

You can read my explanations here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23046236


Sadly I have given up trying to keep my bars gold, this website is so awful to use now it is just frustrating :( I wonder if anyone else is having problems with the last letter falling off what they type, I am a fast typist so could often beat the clock and score huge points, now I have to laboriously type slowly as the web page doesn't keep up and I get more errors than correct answers it seems at times :( I think Duo should have gone with the maxim of "if it is not broken don't try and fix it"

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