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Please Duo, add the notes to the app

Please Duo, we need you to add the notes to the app.

They're so important, essential grammar rules and tips are explained in them. I don't know how I would've made it till here if they weren't there!

Many users only use the app and are even unaware that they exist. I constantly have to switch between the app and the website to read each lesson's note.

Duo I know you can hear me, please add them!

July 17, 2017



Duo I know you can hear me, please add them!

Duo heared you and many other users.
Please read "Duolingo's New Website", Last updated: July 10, 2017

Planned but low priority:
- Mobile web features (a way to get to the forum, tips and notes, etc.)


Amazing! Hope it'll come up really soon.


Notes on the mobile site are a must too!


I didn't know about the notes until I was at least 2/3 through the tree. I didn't even realize the web site offered basically the same content as the app; I went looking for learning Spanish apps in the App Store, I didn't start on the web. It would have made things more clear if I'd had access


There's really no notes on the Spanish course.


I'm a native English speaker learning Spanish. Sometimes I am working on the reverse tree and I forget which one I'm logged in to when I post.


They really need to add T & N to the app. Although I use the desktop version more often, courses like Japanese, a very difficult language in which explanations of grammar and rules are CRUCIAL to many learners, have NO web version. Consequently, learners are left with a course on mobile without any way to read the T & N section.


I would love for them to add the notes so I can see them on the app. That would be so helpful.


How can I review the lesson in the Duolingo app?

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